Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3

Everyone has been posting about the first blockbuster of the year so I thought I'd join in.

Of course, after the Hominid's post, there's not much left!

The actors were mostly familiar although I was surprised at how big they were. Thomas Hayden Church was superhero sized without needing any 'demolecularizing'. Topher Grace also has filled in and looked plenty meaty.

Maguire didn't look any bigger but he perfectly fits the geeky Peter Parker role. There's only one that I think would do better. Here is a still from his screen test.

On a completely different subject, some coworkers and I were involved in a project for the Tourism department. Here's Paktheelcamino taking a power nap during a presentation.

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PAKA said...

I'm just resting my eyes...