Sunday, May 07, 2006

Children's day Coast Guard Tour

I had a chance to to ride on a Coast Guard boat on Children's Day. I love being on the water and had a good time. Our little guy didn't care for the rocking though and was pretty sick. He was sick while he was inside the galley cabin and a little time in the fresh air fixed him up. We finally found the perfect location; in the doorway where we could be warm enough yet still have some moving air.
Below, a 250 ton Coast Guard ship.

KwandongAlex and I in front of the 50 ton ship we toured in.
I had wanted to see Naksan from this vantage for years and finally got the chance.

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Nathan B. said...

I hope your little guy is doing better there, Brian. I especially enjoyed that last shot of one of the Naksansa buildings from the ocean! It's too bad that you and I couldn't go inside the building when I was there, but I feel compensated by this picture.