Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Camp Blogging

Another week, another test. This week's best answer isn't laugh-out-loud funny but I like it:

I think albatross the bird, is most interesting. This bird can fly and sleep at the same time! Also, they can fly 25 miles per hour! I wish I could sleep and take exam at the same time.

On Saturday the fourteenth, I led an 'advertize your widget' class. The students were given the plastic cover for whiteboard erasers and told to come up with a product name and use, a poster and a radio spot. Here are some of the best. Oh, the first class had the lid to a coffee mug. Click on the pictures to enlarge. If you want to listen to the clips you can but the volume is uneven, be careful.

Click here for audio (Odeo).
Click here for audio (Odeo).

Click here for audio (Odeo).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bri:
Your students did very well with their English audio programs. Tje last 2 were very clear and good advice for your mice friends and who knows when you will need a coffin for your insect? MOM