Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Camp blogging

After a long absence, here I am again. I've been busy with camp and family life. It's been fun but I miss blogging. Here are some things that have happened at camp.

There were a few funny test answers but this is my favorite. From class 2
This is one of our youngest students. I corrected only one spelling error. His logic is reasonable; there is just a little flaw:
I would like to visit Saturn because I like the rings which make Saturn look very cool. I heard that it's made of gas so it doesn't sink if we put it in the water.

In another class, I learned a new word: "opportunality". I'm please to have this opportunality to learn from great teachers.

One of the things keeping me busiest is the upcoming 'Deani Code' treasure hunt. It runs this Saturday morning and I've been preparing the clues and hyping the event with warning of the (imaginary) dangers involved. There may be pictures up next week, although they may only be interesting to GLPS students and families.

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