Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My little guy is sick.

No penis jokes - this is serious.

Well, not that serious. My son, Alex, has a fever and a URI -Upper Respiratory Infection ( a cold). This is his first illness since coming home from the hospital. He has had a cold for about a week, with trips to the doctor, a partial recovery, then another day or two of cold symptoms. The fever is new.

Just after Alex was born and when he was still in the hospital, he was sick for a few days. That was a difficult time because my wife was so upset that I couldn't understand what the problem was. The doctor saw our teary faces and kindly explained that it wasn't serious. It WAS serious enough to require an IV in his forehead. His Mark McNutt (an longtime friend) hairline has finally mostly grown back in.

About the time my wife and Alex came home, my mother-in-law told us we should either call him, or tell him, 'Bootdoora' (hang on). I'm not clear on whether this is a nickname or a command. Anyway, not too long ago, Korea had a relatively high infant mortality rate and the name (or commad) 'Hang on' was a common one.

He's going to be fine but after a looong night, I find myself whispering Bootdoora.


skindleshanks said...

Sorry to hear your little guy is sick. I can remember the first serious cold our boy got, quite a few worried tears were shed. It's amazing how tough they can be, though.
We'll say a prayer for him tonight.

oranckay said...

OUCH. Not fun.