Tuesday, December 27, 2005


In my previous post, I expected to reach 10,000 on Dec 26. In fact, I made it on Dec 27, sometime around 7:40 am (Korea time - which is still the 26th in North America).

Number 10,000 was from Tacoma Washington and apparently visited 4 pages in 40 seconds. I know my posts are short, but that still seems fast.

Of course, the number isn't really 10,000. As stated before, possibly as many as 1000 visits are mine. I would post to my blog, then visit the blog to see how it looked or use my blog to access the links to friends when on a different computer. Every time I self-linked, for example in my two or three posts about the re-introduction of bears to Chili Park, I added another visit to my counter. Ah, 1000 self-visits seems high but an average of one or more a day is ballpark- that's 500.

Since Alex was born, my output has dropped significantly. I suppose that if I kept up a strong posting rate, I would have reached this milestone faster. Well, I'll be discussing that in the inevitable end-of-year post coming soon.

Thanks for visiting!

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