Thursday, July 05, 2012

"Makeshifts" at the Pyeongchang Olympics

I have an idea for an Olympics-themed post but this is not it.  While my big idea percolates a little more, let me discuss 'makeshifts' a little.  From the Herald:

The Ice Hockey I arena for the men’s competition will be constructed at the Gangneung Athletic Complex as planned but in the form of movable makeshift so that the facilities will be relocated to Wonju, Gangwon Province, after the Games for use as a gym for ice hockey and other sports....“In a bid to provide the maximum benefit at the minimum cost, we are trying to build makeshifts as much as possible, for example, media centers. By doing so, we will be able to minimize problems in redeveloping Olympic sites after the Games,” Kim said.
In the context, I understand what a 'makeshift' is, but I have never seen the word as a noun before.

Provisionally, I like the idea.  In Canada, we may still be paying for the Olympic stadiums used in the '76 Montreal Olympics.  Olympic stadia are often underused after the games finish, so making the facilities transportable or temporary might be a good idea.  Indeed, if done well, my fading love for the games (and this is the concept for my 'big think' post on the Olympics) may well brighten again.

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