Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloggers invited to travel Korea

I am still  in Kyeongsangnamdo and looking for work in Busan.  I am still unsure if I should be writing Busan or  Pusan.  Anyway, I am using my brother-in-law's computer so it doesn't feel comfortable writing many or long posts.  More later, sometime...

But not me. Rahul Prabhakar was invited, and traveled through Gangwon Do and elsewhere.  Listen to, and read about, his interview with KBS.

Oh, nobody invited him, but  Chris Backe has also blogged about  his trip to caves in Gangwondo.


Gilly Newman said...


Our company is organizing a meet for employees and shareholders around that area. Do you, by any chance, know anything about car rentals in the area?
Thank you.


Chris in South Korea said...

And what fun caves they were - definitely worth checking out :) That article is also in February's edition of the Groove, if anyone finds a copy. Thanks for the plug.

kwandongbrian said...

I am not sure which area you mean. I live in Sokcho, but wrote about Samcheok or Donghae.
All three locations have several rental agencies, the express bus companies advertise discounts with local rental agencies and I suspect Korea Rail does, too.

I've tried a few, can't remember their names, and had satisfactory service. Some important points: 1) there are few street signs - you might want to pay a little extra for GPS navigation, it's a big help. 2) You don't get the car with a full tank and you don't need to return it with a full tank either. Return it as you got it.

As I am far from Gangwondo, I was happy to add a little local news to the blog, without much effort.

Gilly Newman said...

I wanted to know about Samcheok and its neighbouring locations. We will make sure to carry our GPS devices along with us when we travel.


kwandongbrian said...

Bring your own, or use the ones provided by the rental company- although I am not sure how much English they offer.