Saturday, December 06, 2008

computer's back...

Thanks, Masuro, but it's the same computer. Still, its working well and I'm getting school work done.

I don't feel much like blogging these days even though I have a pretty light schedule this week; I only need to invigilate (Thanks, Nathan, for teaching me that word) three exams. Still, I'll be busy enough as a single parent; my wife had a 24 hour shift finishing this (Saturday) morning and after 23 hours at home, she is off for several days at sea. I hope she gets some rest after that.

Maybe more later.


Masuro said...

A few days at sea is enough time to buy a new laptop without significant others knowing about it. Just buy the same colour and maybe she won't notice.
And lose the receipt so you can't bring it back to the store, even if she beats you. :)

PAKA said...

hahahaha! i'm thinking of doing the same thing. "wow! where did this macbook come from?"

and don't need to go to a doctor. there is snow on my site.