Monday, April 23, 2007

Is Spring finally here?

A beautiful day today. I got out on the bike and managed twenty-some kilometres; not bad for a first ride. On the way, I stopped at an information booth and learned that cyclists can use the Misiryeong tunnel. I've cycled long distances but I'm a wimp about hills; this news may mean a trip sometime to Seoul, or anyway, somewhere inland.
The weather got me thinking of where I could go or what I could do this spring with my time off.
This weekend, Kwandongwife and K-son are visiting her parents and I'm staying home. Why am I not going along? Well, we want to save a little money, K-wife wants to save money and I may have singed some bridges when Kyongsangmother-in-law visited.

Anyway, with the weekend free, I am planning a trip to the DMZ -or as close as cyclists are allowed. There is an information centre at the final checkpoint and the guide there has arranged a ride for me the last few Km with other tourists in the past, so I'll do that again.

In mid May, the university has a festival of some sort and I'll get three days off then. I'm thinking about hiking across Soraksan. I'll start either at O-saek or Sorakdong and take two days to get to Baekdamsa and Yongdaeri. I don't know the dates for sure but I think it'll be May 16-18. Is anyone else interested?

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