Monday, August 14, 2006

Maybe this is why Koreans aren't good swimmers

Welcome to the 'Sea of Fear Festival'. (Naksan Beach, if you do want to go.)

2 comments: said...

Why do you think korean are not good swimmers? I doubt your wishing..

kwandongbrian said...

Mostly I am commenting on the irony of a beach using such an anti-swimming name for a festival.

In informal polls in my class, I would say about ten percent of my students can swim.

I have met only one Korean who could swim as well as I do, although even as a fat, old man, that is a fairly high standard to reach.

Whenever the wind blows away from shore at the Sockcho beach and I am there, I pull several people stuck on their tubes and unable to swim back to shore.

Your email appears to be for the government of Gangwondo. I would love to find a swim team in sokcho, yangyang or even Gangneung to volunteer for. Can you help me? Together, we can make Koreans good swimmers. Fighting!