Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korea launches a missile

You can see how upset GeorgianbayAlex is about the launch. He might be worried about his mommy as she is likely in for a long day at the Coast Guard office.

We were watching CNN when we heard the news. I learned of an even greater crisis...

Call VANK: repeatedly, CNN described the missile as falling the Sea of Japan!

Oh, as a side note: I am satisfied with this post but expect others -including the one below discussing a ride-along with the OPP, to be more than usually cryptic, with some, possibly vital, information missing. Being a single parent is tough: I have had to stop writing mid-post and run off a few times to care for the little guy.
I told a friend earlier today that I have a blog and even over the phone I could hear his eyes roll. Most blogs are poorly edited, with little use of the spell-check provided and with key info missing. My blog, never considered to be the literary standard, is joining the great unwashed while I vacation.


San Nakji said...

Damn CNN and their 'Sea of Japan'! I am getting President Roh on the case!

Yankabroad said...

Yeah, call VANK. Deluge them with emails. Text message them via the "hand" phone. Send them postcards, letters, notes by passenger pigeon, telepathy, radio waves bounced off distant satellites. Show them thousands and thousands of times over you can be just as obnoxious as they are.

If there is such a thing as the "Ugly Korean," then he/she probably volunteers at VANK.